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Over 200,000,000,000 stars are in the Milky Way galaxy. Most have planets.

The star Eta Lepus and two planets.

Eta Leporis is a star in the constellation Lepus, 49 light years away from Earth.
It has two habitable planets. Shown above is the larger planet, Galatea, with its
small moon Larissa. Galatea is larger than Earth and has a breathable atmosphere.

The other habitable planet is further from the camera and appears as a white dot
between Galatea and Eta Leporis. It's slow rotation offers Eta Leporis a new face
every thousand years. The planet appears white because salt covers the sunlit
side and snow covers the dark side. A fifty-mile wide strip along the terminator
appears darker and is the only habitable land on that planet.
Minister Rogers took this picture from the Stardust Space Station orbiting Galatea.


The novel, Letters From Outworld; Texting and Teleporting 2250

Predicts the future based on scientific knowledge and theories

in a story of adventure, discovery, conflict, mystery, and romance.




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Author Blogs:

Medical Miracles

May 27, 2016 A Cure For Disease

An application for my teleporter design that is of particular importance is screening diseases from people while they teleport. It is possible to remove poisons, viruses, and bacteria. I am not sure if it will remove cancer and other tumors. It will not heal injuries.

Teleporter Design

May 27, 2016 Better than a Space Ladder

My teleporter design takes advantage of the frequency nature of matter; it shifts time domain material into the frequency domain for speed of light transportation. Every object has a wave function, however, heavy objects have a very short wave length. I use lenses to magnify their wave properties and focus them in one direction. Lens, Euler, and Laplace provide the math to achieve this. My design satisfies Newton's laws by providing a ballast mass that travels in the opposite direction at the same time. Applications are listed in my novel.

March 12, 2016 at The Star Fest Convention in Denver, Colorado:

Talked to Nana Visitor, Kira in Deep Space Nine, Met with Colorado science fiction writers, learned about the latest discoveries on Pluto and Mars. Enjoyed the costumes, games, and many other activities at this convention.

Feb 10, 2016:

Interviewer: Did you exaggerate the technology in your novel?
Steve: No. For example, go back in time 100 years and convince the Wright Brothers that a one-million pound jumbo-jet can cross the United States with three hundred passengers in less than half a day. I'm sure they won't believe it. I base the ideas in my novel on current scientific theories and technological advances. I expect to see most of it in the next one-hundred years. It is easy to predict the effect this technology will have on people.

Interviewer: Some of your aliens are plants. How did you reach that conclusion?
Steve: With only 0.03% carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere, the plants we see on Earth are suffocating, so they don't represent typical plant-life throughout the universe. With sufficient air to breathe, plants can become more vivacious than animals.

Feb 7, 2016:

A Medical Miracle, Chill Bags

When a person is severely injured they are placed in a chill bag. Chill bags cool their body and contain fluids that nourish the cells that are still alive. A small dose of hydrogen sulfide triggers the patient to hibernate. Their blood is replaced with a synthetic fluid that transports oxygen and kills bacteria as it moves through their body. Slow pumps in the bags change the pressure across seals at the diaphragm to keep the fluids circulating. Thus preserved, doctors at a trauma clinic have plenty of time to operate.

Feb 3, 2016:

A cure for every infection and genetic disease:

The Model T teleporter design in my novel has a second property, it allows filtering of the passenger in the frequency domain during teleportation. A repeating pattern, such as the trillions of viruses that infect a person during a disease, can be identified and removed. This leaves the traveler germ-free on arrival at their destination. The Model T teleporters are easy to manufacture, so I hope someone has resources to investigate this idea.

We have a Mars lander ready to fly today:

The Apollo 18 moon lander. Just add a heat shield, shroud,and a parachute. As it enters the upper atmosphere of Mars, the heat shield slows it. Then it jettisons the heat shield and shroud and deploys the parachute. At 200 feet above Mars, it releases the parachute and lands using rocket thrust. The Decent Stage of the Lunar Lander uses only 10% of its fuel to land, leaving enough fuel to propel the lander out of the Mars atmosphere at takeoff. Then the second stage, the Assent Stage, puts the lander into Mars orbit for rendezvous and return to Earth.

January 28, 2016: Another year!

This update is late so you might wonder why it took me so long. I've been busy:
I attended MileHiCon 47 but did not make it to Cosine in Colorado Springs because I was still working on my novel.
Now the novel is complete. I converted it to e-books and paperback, now available on Amazon, see the links above.

My present plans: Keep blogging, prepare 'Aliens Uncensored' and release it as paperback in the next month, and write Volume 3. Don't have a due date yet.
Enjoy reading Volumes 1 and 2. I'm reading Niven's 'Fate of Worlds' and look at the stars on every clear night.

September 12, 2015: Look for me at Readcon in Greeley, Colorado.
I met Connie Willis and attended her 'Plotting Workshop'.

April 16, 2015: Look for me at Starfest in Denver, Saturday.


April 7, 2015: Telepathy? Don't worry about it; everyone will communicate with cerebral implants soon:
When researchers perfect cerebral implant devices (integrated circuits called C-chips) people will communicate
directly to each other on wifi or over a distance on the cerebral internet. Doctors remove an unused nerve
fiber from the back and place it from the cerebral cortex to a flap of skin under the hairline at the back of
the neck. An exercise chip (integrated circuit) is placed at the back of the neck over the end of this nerve
fiber to train the cortex. When everything works, then a functional C-chip replaces the exercise chip. The
C-chip has a computer with internet, spread sheet, word processor, graphics, memory, and video and audio recording.
C-chips will replace computers, cell phones, and most other handheld devices. Read more about this in my novel.

March 22, 2015: Synchronized Highways: Safer, non-polluting, no traffic jams, handles more cars. Like an
electrical motor, an electrical grid with coils underneath the road produces a magnetic field that moves cars
along the highway at the proper speed and holds cars a fixed distance apart. Existing cars with steel frames
have ideal magnetic properties for use with this system of propulsion. Adding capacitors prevents the coils
under the road from wasting energy when few cars or no cars are present. Non-polluting sources can power
these coils such as solar, wind, or hydroelectric.

March 20, 2015: Ribbon Taser: A non-lethal weapon: Instead of wires, the nozzle fires two beams of ions.
Current flows through the ionized air and stuns the aggressor. A second trigger fires a ribbon wire to bind
the aggressor. This ribbon is stressed to coil like a clock spring except it is kinked like venetian blind to
keep it strait while in flight. When it strikes the violator, it loses its kink and coils around. The inner
surface of the coil is coated with a glue so the transgressor is securely bound.

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Chill Bags

Speed-Of-Light Teleporter

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Comfort Booths; a solution to urban crowding.
36 people live comfortably in the space of a small apartment.

Interstellar Spaceship, a practical design.

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